JOY is a state of being that just radiates from our souls. It's that happy feeling that never goes away. It's sustainable. It's the look of two people in love. It's living without doubt or fear of the future. I aspire to capture the JOY on my clients' faces in whatever stage of life they  may be experiencing, whether they are  a newly engaged couple, a family or a graduating high school senior. 

I've always gravitated towards a VIBRANT editing style because  it conveys the happiness and authenticity in my images. Bright colors with warm hues of greens and bright blues make your images jump off of the screen. They remind you of the way you felt the moment the image was captured, that moment of pure JOY. 

I GENUINELY care about each of my clients, and I aim to capture their GENUINE and authentic feelings, stolen glances and giggly excitement. Capturing the love between two people, the way they look at each other and the small details from this special time in their lives are the reasons why I love what I do. 

Meet Kelsie